Thursday, April 23, 2009

Vintage Flower inspired Embroidery

So I was randomly watching Martha Stewart one day and came across this girl called Cathy who was showing Martha how to make these amazing flowers from these little vintage looms using raffi ribbon. I was so inspired by the colours and effect that I decided to use the idea to create some embroidery pieces.

Check out Cathy's blog its very inspiring!

Yo Yo hairband

So I was off to Dublin to see family and go to John and Gemma's wedding and I needed a head piece to go with my outfit. SO I decided to play with Yo Yo's and make a hairband. I found this amazing link on line on how to make yo yo's check it out, it explains what I'm talking about.
How to make a yo yo!
I loved making this, and using all different types of fabrics and thought it turned out pretty good. Maybe i'll make some more and turn them into necklaces etc