Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sienna's Birthday - Banner

I made this Happy Birthday Banner for Sienna's party. I can use it now for each family birthday celebration and it looks really original and fun.

It was really simple to make. Here are some quick instructions:

1. picked out some fun fabrics and cut them into a rectangle shape
2. traced the letters on to heat & bond no sew paper and cut them out
3. Iron letters to contrast fabric and cut them out and iron to cut out rectangles
4. Sew ribbon to edge

It was a windy day and it got blown around alot but it still looked pretty!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Sienna

Sienna 1 year old today.....

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sienna's 1st Birthday Party - Favors

Sienna turns 1 tomorrow - time really does fly! We had a birthday party for her on Saturday and I made favors for her little friends to take home. Cupcake clips for the girls and rock guitar bibs for the boys!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fabric Jewelry Class

I took really bad photos but I had to show you some of the little creations that were created at my fabric jewelry class over the weekend!

Vintage Sienna

Jet Rag is this vintage store on La Brea in West Hollywood and has a dollar sale every Sunday. You can find the post amazing items. My friend Lisa found Sienna this cute little dress and she wore it recently when it was very hot outside!
We are in the middle of preparing for Sienna's first birthday party on Saturday and I've made lots of lovely things and will be blogging about them in the coming days!

Terra Nova 2009

My outfit on the right with my partner in crime Lisa Soltis
(modeled by Kristin Pfund)

I'm part of this incredible community called Mosaic and I got to ago away over labor day weekend to their Artists weekend away. I was helping out with some fashion projects. I did an hour long workshop on alternative t-shirt design. Everyone at the weekend got a t-shirt and decided to get everyone to do some custom work using dye, stitch and embellishment. I was amazed at how well they shirts turned out.
We also got to work on our own projects and I made an outfit from recycled clothes and inspired by the word "Belong".

Friday, September 4, 2009

Silverlake daytrip

My fellow creative mummy Kathlene and I decided we would do an Mummy friday outing and explore a different part of Los Angeles each Friday until Kathlene went back to work. This was a couple of months ago but I always meant to post some photos.
Here are a few shots from Silverlake - I love this area so artistic and unique. I hope to do some more creative exploring with my husband when we take a "Staycation" at the end of the month.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

GeneroCity Team Badges

I had fun making these team badges!

Screenprinting - generoCity

For the generoCity party on Saturday I was organizing the creative experience room. Everyone got a t-shirt when they arrived at the party and they customized it in 2 different areas. !. Screenprint or 2. Embroidery. We also had areas for them to self customize with buttons etc.
I spent the day last Thursday screenprinting patches with our logo and taglines and these were than used to embroider on to the t-shirts.
Our taglines were "Who is your neighbor?" and "Fashion + Action".

generoCity Los Angeles

My husband and I was asked to get involved in this great non profit called generoCity. It combined are two talents business and design. Below is some details about it.We had our first introduction party on Saturday night and it was really successful. See other posts for details.

generoCity Mission Statement: We are a collaborative of socially minded individuals who create culture though inspiring original fashion from local designers, increasing communal awareness and fostering the generosity of every person.

It begins with a local, grassroots business by hosting themed events to showcase 'recycled fashion', developing an online network with interactive features to learn more about our local non-profit organizations, the needs of our city, and opportunities to get involved.

It develops into an Hollywood based store were we sell these 'recycled fashion' items, create a rotating showcase of our neighborhood organizations, and uniquely provide the opportunity for our designers to create openly at in-store stations where customers can interact directly.