Monday, June 30, 2008

Sequins canvas

When my sister in law Lucy was over visiting we went shopping in Glendale and checked out the new Free People store. We saw these amazing sequins canvas on there wall display. SO  I decided to do my own version of it and here is my first attempt! I have some more fabric to try some more styles out. I think my flower pattern is not strong enough against the gold sequins. As I do more I will post them! Please leave me your comments and let me know what you think about my attempt!



Scott said...

Oo, some nice new posts! it's great seeing all the gorgeous work you're getting up to..i miss seeing it! the sequinned canvases are fabulous..are you sewing the flowers onto sequinned fabric or sequins onto floral fabric? so simple but really effective! x zoe.

johndryan said...

Looks wicked. Really like how it looks in that first picture. You got the skills!

I just moved into my new studio, and there's 2 textile designers in the room above me - you're love it here!

My love to Aaron. JR