Friday, September 5, 2008

Birdie Mobile

It is so great having time to simple be creative and do those projects that are just for you! Well just for my future baby. I really wanted a black and white mobile for the baby to look at when it is first born but couldn't find any I liked any where so I decided to make my own. I sketched some birdie shapes and ideas in my sketchbook and than made those shapes into 3D figures out of various fabrics and ribbons. We hung it using a wooden embroidery hoop!

Now all we need is the baby to arrive! Due in 2 weeks!


Orla Hegan said...
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Orla Hegan said...

Corrie that's brilliant! I really makes me wish I did more things like that.
Great to see how excited and happy you both are and really looking forward to seeing you when you come over.

Paula McGurdy said...

Hey Corrie I'm so impressed..looks like you've been busy! Love the wall hanging. Hope you're doing well xo

Ruthi Auda said...

This mobile is great!

I love your blog, love your work, and love you!!

Hope to see you soon, girl