Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Creative Friends No.1 Lisa Soltis

Over the coming few weeks, I've decided I'm going to blog about my creative friends. I've so many talented friends who inspire me in so many ways, so I just need to share them with you all!

So first up is my great friend Lisa Soltis. She is so super talented in so many ways, illustrator, textile and jewelry designer. I've featured some on her one of jewelry pieces above but check out her website for more of her work and details of where you can buy some of these amazing pieces. Lisa loves to collect vintage pieces from all over the place. Lisa and her husband Dan live in an amazing loft in downtown LA and it is full of all sorts of thrift store and vintage fines. Every time I visit I get inspired. Dan is a sculptor and he produces some of the pieces in Lisa's jewelry collection. Together they are a creative power house!!!