Monday, February 22, 2010

Misha Lulu

One of my favorite children clothes designer has to be Misha Lulu and she happens to be based here in LA too. I had the pleasure of meeting Karen Salazar and her husband Joe at Unique Craft fair. We did an exchange - I got the most amazing clothes for Sienna and she choose a bird mobile and a few other bits from my collection.
Since than Sienna hasn't worn a dress more - I love it. I love everything about their collection. The modern colors and amazing fabrics and patterns. All the applique work is so inspirational. Karen is from El Salvador and you can see the cultural influence in her work. She also has a gorgeous daughter who inspires her work too.

Here are a few images from their upcoming Spring 10 collection and of course Sienna wearing her Misha LuLu dress and trousers.

She has a great blog and website. The website has a great surplus store where you can buy fabric and trims all sorts of fun things.

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Misha Lulu said...

Thank you Corrie!!!!!!!!!
love the blog!